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Why Not Just Talk to Each Other

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Data analysis and automation have become standard tools for marketers today. They make it easier than ever to create strategic messaging, measure the results of campaigns, and steer content around observed preferences and trends. But, here in the real world, it takes more than simply having the right tools to meet sales goals, increase market share, and achieve sustained success.
What About the Other Half of the Equation?

As we have touched on before, marketing and sales teams play two fundamentally different roles in a buyer’s decision-making process. Despite their ability to personalize messaging, marketing’s work is done from afar and is focused on building awareness and engagement. Sales, on the other hand, has unique access to a highly coveted resource—a direct line to the customer. Sales teams operate as the company’s “boots on the ground,” working directly with potential customers and collecting unique insights with every one-on-one conversation. Marketing teams who recognize this are poised to benefit from a in-house resource with invaluable information that will allow for deeper interpretation of CRM data.
Discovery meetings between sales and marketing teams can help to align a company’s digital persona with reality. They also provide the opportunity to unpack which factors weigh heavily in the final stages of the decision making process. And they give both teams the chance to discuss how better to support alignment between their departments.
A neutral facilitator can offer unbiased perspective for both the inquiry and interpretation stages of these meetings, and encourage creative out-of-the box solutions for next steps. Creative agencies are well suited to assist in these scenarios. They can also provide support for marketing teams, as they incorporate findings into short and long term strategies. With more decisions backed by both data and insight, marketing can grow more leads and sales can close more deals—a win/win for both departments.
This, and our previous post touch on just a few ways that creative agencies can be valuable in unexpected ways to today’s marketer. For more ideas on how creative agencies can impact your bottom line, download this quiz and see if a relationship with a creative agency could be valuable for you.

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