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Stick the Landing — How to Build a Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign

May 18, 2017  |  Comments (0)

stick the landing -- how to make a successful landing page

When you do everything well, a successful integrated marketing campaign casts a sort of spell over its audience. With the right combination of substance and style, it’s possible to compel a previously uninterested individual to do something truly extraordinary—like clicking on that link you want them to click on. Since it can take a lot of time and energy to conjure such magic, whatever lies beyond the link had better live up to its promise.

In most cases, that link leads to a landing page. The most effective landing pages are filled with opportunity for those willing to do a little planning. Since they don’t need to tie into the rest of your website in terms of style or navigation, landing pages can have a distinct look and feel that carries over from the campaign they draw from. In other words, don’t break the spell! Effective landing pages should relate closely to whatever drove the viewer to click the link in the first place. Think of it as an “opportunity for continuity” that makes it possible to tie messaging across multiple platforms, strengthen positive impressions, and move prospects along in their customer journey.

These standalone pages can also provide you with a wealth of useful information. Analyze traffic to learn more about your audience, or test different messages to see what drives the biggest response. This information is hugely useful, but impossible to gather if you just dump users on your main website.

You can do all this and much more with a landing page, but only if you plan far enough in advance to build a proper one. Too often, we see strong campaigns whose promise is unfulfilled simply because no one had the time or foresight to do this. We know it’s not always easy, but we beseech you not to overlook this critical piece of the marketing mix. With a little planning you can stick the landing every time, a feat which will cast its own kind of spell over your boss and colleagues. Download our guide on best practices for landing pages and you'll see why an integrated campaign is critical to the customer journey.

Learn How to Get Better Results from Your Landing Pages


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